Mama of Mixed Kids: We’re One Human Race

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A Facebook moment from Bethany Bomberger, co-founder of The Radiance Foundation: 

“Took this almost-a-teenager out for some mama time. Included some sesame chicken, lots of laughs and some deep convos.

He is growing up in this craziness as a “mixed kid”. 💥 And it is my honor, as his mom, to talk about the beauty of God’s plan in designing him perfectly to be a voice of reconciliation. 👊🏼. This crazy world is nothing but a roller coaster of ups and downs. But God’s word is legit. God’s word is stabilizing. God’s word says our relationship to the One who created us -in all these gorgeous shades of color–is a result of the position of our heart. NEVER is it based on the hue of our skin. Nope. Never. So as HIS kids, our identity in Christ trumps everything else. 🙌🏼. As Christians, that’s where we start…and whatever convo is in the middle…it’s where we have to end.

—>If my ‘mixed’ kids follow the world’s psychology, they are doomed…doomed to live a life of confusion, stuck in a perpetual identity crisis. But that’s not happening on my watch. My kids aren’t doomed. They do not need to live in fear. They do not need to buy into a worldly belief system that tells them that half of their DNA makes them oppressors while the other half makes them the oppressed. That’s not what God says. That’s not Truth.

Yes, we study history. Lots of it. And we continue to learn and grow. We talk about hard things. We stand against injustice. And we understand deeply that people fought long and hard…and died…so we could be a ‘mixed’ family. So we, in turn, will not take this fight for granted. And in that, we won’t perpetuate the us vs them narrative. Armed with the Truth that we are one human race, we fight for what seems impossible – unity. We choose to weigh our thoughts, our emotions and our knowledge with Biblical Truth.

Sowing seeds of hate, anger, and division reaps a harvest of hate, anger, and division. But sowing seeds of love, peace and unity will reap a harvest of love, peace and unity…now, that’s God’s heart. 💙💙💙”

#bethechange #becourageous #becompassionate #wontbebuyingwhattheworldisselling #theBibleismyBible #NoTruthNoJustice

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