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Texas Senator Wendy Davis chose Life. She was a 19 year old single mom (briefly married then divorced) in financial dire straits. But she overcame her circumstances to prove that hard work, persistence, and embracing the life of her daughter didn’t keep her from achieving her dreams. Her life didn’t end. It flourished.

She graduated top of her class from both Texas Christian University and from Harvard Law School.

Planned Parenthood didn’t have anything to do with her success. They neither prevented her pregnancy nor ended the life of her child.

Wendy Davis' infamous filibuster shows the media is more concerned about shoes worn than lives torn.Although, it seems she’s spun a pro-Planned Parenthood narrative into her life, claiming that as a teenager (when teen pregnancy and abortion rates were alarmingly high), “They were my only source of healthcare.” Really? Planned Parenthood, with the PR power of mainstream media and abortion advocates like Davis, desperately tries to deceive the American public that they offer “general healthcare”, but like their mammoshams that too is a lie. And let’s keep in mind this was in the 80s, when the abortion chain hadn’t yet branded itself as “basic” or “general” healthcare for women. Unless her healthcare merely consisted of needing cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure screening, or anemia testing (the extent of today’s “general healthcare” from Planned Parenthood), she obviously had to go somewhere else for something as simple as treatment for a cold or the flu. She continues the fairytale: “Back then the Texas I was living in was not a Texas where this issue had become a political football.”

She does know her history, right? Roe v. Wade began in Texas. Norma McCorvey was a Texan woman who was manipulated by the abortion lobby to have the Supreme Court invalidate Texas’ unambiguous anti-abortion statutes. There’s no bigger political “football” than the unconstitutional Roe.

Stranger yet is her assertion that, as a teenager: “I never ever had to worry that I couldn’t go to the Planned Parenthood clinic here in Fort Worth and access my family planning services. I did that for years.” Davis got pregnant at 18. She gave birth to her daughter at 19. She apparently wasn’t exercising “family planning services” at that time, and thank goodness she didn’t utilize the “service” she is so relentlessly defending today: abortion.

And she’s now made SB#5, a ban on late-term abortions after 5 months of pregnancy, her political football. Despite the horrors of late-term abortionists like Gosnell and Karpen, Davis is heralded for her pink Mizuno sneakers instead protecting women and children from the crimson-stained floors, toilets and drains of back-alley abortionists. Mizuno, by the way, is enjoying all of the publicity, claiming it has no corporate policy about the issue they can’t even mention, by word, in their press release. If Ms. Davis were defending traditional marriage or filibustering a pro-abortion law, I highly doubt Mizuno would be so enthusiastic or vague about their convictions. Don’t expect mainstream news outlets to point out such obvious inconsistency.

Our nation’s watchdogs salivate over manufactured pro-abortion myths. They weave tales that are devoid of any fact checking. Mainstream media claimed, for instance, that protestors’ presence to support Davis’ filibuster were “organic” and not designed by Planned Parenthood and NARAL. This is a blatant lie, of course. The anarchy in the Senate chamber was not just the result of the planned chaos by the Occupy movement and The International Socialist Organization; it was strategically promoted by NARAL and Planned Parenthood through Facebook and Twitter. Planned Parenthood even established a website to promote support for the filibuster, promising would-be protestors an opportunity to meet their shero and Abortionist-in-Chief, Cecile Richards. The Planned Parenthood president was seen in the frenzied crowd pumping her fists in the air, just before midnight, encouraging the raucous shouting which made it impossible for democracy to happen.

Liberal Democrats and their “journalist” allies repeatedly decry the use of the filibuster unless it advances their own agenda. Davis is hypocritically celebrated by pro-abortion activists and mainstream media for denying women facing unplanned pregnancies what she had so powerfully and successfully proven as a single mom–that women are stronger than their circumstances.


(Abortion activists show their disregard for the rule of law when Wendy Davis’ attempt to filibuster failed. Chaos, courtesy of the Occupy Movement, The International Socialist Organization, NARAL, and, of course, Planned Parenthood. “Democracy”–mob style.)

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  • Jimbo Jones

    What Would (a Prochoice) Jesus Do? He would allow you to choose to kill your baby. But He would tell you you chose poorly and terribly. Just because you CAN do something does not mean you SHOULD. Wisdom – it\\\’s what\\\’s for life.

  • Scott deBeaubien

    And from Abby Johnson, who also happens to live and work in Texas, we have the following Ad place on Craigslist in Austin, hiring “Grassroots Workers” to “work on behalf of a Global Humanitarian Organization to help improve children’s lies.” Clearly, this is an ad to hire protesters during the Abortion debates last year in Austin.

    And the “Global Humanitarian Organization”? Obviously Planned Parenthood.

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