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Ryan had the awesome privilege of being invited as the keynote speaker at the Family Research Council. Jeanne Monahan coordinated the event; she’s been wonderfully supportive of our work at The Radiance Foundation.

With November as National Adoption Month, this event allowed a crucial spotlight on adoption. The presentation was entitled, “Adopt. Be The Hope” and was, according to Jeanne, the first lecture at FRC that received a standing ovation.

We’re humbled and blessed to be able to share our heart to reach others about their own beautiful intrinsic value. Thank you FRC for allowing us the audience to share our passion for Life, planned and unplanned.


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  • Janet Shah

    Just watched the presentation which Ryan gave at the Family Research Council on Nov. 16th & was in total awe at the dept of knowledge which I gained. What an honor and privilege which God has placed into your hands to take to the world. Thank you for pressing forward.
    God bless you,
    Janet Shah

  • Jack Smith

    Thanks for sharing nice post. i have been looking information on Ryan gave at the Family Research Council meeting November 16 in Washington, Radiance Foundation head and pro-life activist Ryan Bomberger spoke on the subject of adoption over abortion. He told the audience that he was alive today because after his biological mother was raped, she chose to give birth to him andplace him for adoption with loving parents.

    God bless you,
    Jack Smith

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