Ryan Bomberger Addresses Values Voter Summit

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On Saturday, September 15th, Ryan Bomberger had the privilege of addressing thousands of values voters from around the country. Family Research Council, a public policy organization that champions faith, freedom and family put on a stellar display of celebrated conservatives from the world of politics, media, the law, international humanitarian groups, the church, and grassroots organizations. We were humbled and honored to be invited to be a part of this amazing weekend summit.

Speaking to an electrified crowd, Ryan had a great time interacting with an audience that broke into applause and standing ovations throughout his speech.

“I’m as black as Obama. That means I’m half white…half black. That doesn’t make me an African-American. Just…simply…American,” Ryan said toward the beginning of his speech which evoked thunderous applause. Speaking  about the unique and irreplaceable worth of every human being, Ryan shared his testimony of how he came into this world (ending with the video, “UNWANTED”).

He praised his incredible wife and four kiddos (2 of which are adopted) as his inspiration. Taking on Planned Parenthood’s daily destruction of individual Purpose, Ryan presented a rather unique story of beautiful Possibility to an audience being introduced to the work of The Radiance Foundation, many for the first time.

We’re grateful to the Family Research Council and their steadfastness in their core Christian principles on issues both domestic and international–issues that affect us all.



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  • Charity Kewish

    I was at Value Voters with Patriot Voices and had the opportunity to catch Ryan Bomberger. He was so refreshing with his honest, straightforward and loving illustration of how God can turn something so horrible into the most beautiful expression of God’s Redemption! It was inspiring and encouraging to continue to fervently fight for God’s way to be a family and to be a light in a very dark world! He has an amazingly beautiful family story!

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