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The Radiance Foundation is honored to be a part of this year’s annual March for Life®. Due to recent political outcomes and an emboldened abortion industry, this year’s 2013 March for Life® is expected to be the biggest in history. Despite mainstream media’s deliberate blackout of the largest event of its kind, hundreds of thousands of young, old, black, white, brown, rich, poor, Catholic, protestant, atheists, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents will pour into the nation’s capital to show their support for human dignity. Ryan Bomberger, Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation, will deliver one of a handful of keynote speeches at the March’s rally on the national mall. Jumbotrons will line the mall area giving the massive crowd a stunning visual look at the Pro-Life movement. Some of The Radiance Foundation’s videos will be featured, too. We’re excited to join an amazing cross section of America: families, students, adoptive moms and dads, birthmoms, adoptees, pregnancy care center workers, prolife leaders and everyday champions for life from across the country. This movement is one of the most racially, ethnically, and generationally diverse coalitions in American history.

We proudly lift up the legacy of the late Nellie Gray, the “Joan of Arc of the Gospel of Life”. Her dedication to the prolife cause and defending women and children against the violence of abortion will live on through the March for Life® and its new President, Jeanne Monahan. As Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life boldly and frequently proclaims, “we will see abortion abolished in our lifetime.” The March for Life has been and will be a big part of that.

The Radiance Foundation will also be featured at several other events in DC including a youth rally for CEC for Life and a guest speaker/panelist at the Ave Maria School of Law’s Law of Life Summit 3!

Join us Friday, January 25th at noon on the national mall in DC. March for dignity. March for compassion. March for Life®!

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  • Josee Turner

    Awesome! I was hoping that your organization would be represented. Our young people will be carrying the mantle of the 100% pro-life message, and from what I saw on the Kiessing site you would be a wonderful speaker to inspire all. I hope you will speak, but in the meantime keep your courage and don’t stop sharing. God has made you a light for this issue, go be a light! God Bless!Thank you for joining us at the March for Life.

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