What Your Support Made Possible in 2015

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We rely on your financial gifts to do our life-affirming work. Your donation is tax-deductible.

We keynoted over 40 events across the country.

This year has really been a test: would Radiance choose fear and tone down the truth or Map of 2015 Radiance Eventscourageously turn up the volume! You know us. We chose to turn it up, exposing Planned Parenthood and other liberal political forces that devalue human life. Truth sets us all free. We know this from personal experience and love to share it. This year Radiance had the awesome privilege to keynote events across this great nation in places like Notre Dame University, Purdue University, the UN, on the steps of the Supreme Court and at many events from coast to coast. Our work has been lauded by leaders including the Archbishop of Los Angeles, Jeanne Mancini (President of March for Life), Dr. Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King Jr), Joe Pojman (President of Texas Alliance for Life) and many others nationwide. None of this would be possible without your tax-deductible donationsAnd we do everything we do in-house and on a shoestring budget. We’ve also helped raise $2.5 million for pregnancy centers in 2015 alone. And there’s more…

We won a major free speech victory in court against the NAACP.

Your support helps us spends hundreds of hours doing intensive research and writing to educate the public about some crucial social issues. Over the last two years, we’ve fought for our First Amendment rights in a bizarre court case against the NAACP. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (the actual and inaccurate name of the once-great civil rights organization) tried to censor the truth. The far left organization sued us because we parodied their name in an article that detailed how abortion doesn’t advance colored people (by the way, we’re all colored people). Thankfully, we had Alliance Defending Freedom protecting us from a multi-million dollar bully and its anti- free speech tactics. Even the ACLU filed an amicus brief on our behalf! We won in a unanimous decision by a 3 judge panel of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals! Those with the truth can never allow themselves to be silenced. (Learn more about the case here).

We launched the inaugural OneVoiceDC.com prayer and worship event.

The March for Life is an amazing time of education, connections, and most importantly, spiritual OneVoiceDCbattling. The fight for human dignity cannot be fought without prayer. For the first time ever, we launched a non-denominational, evangelical prayer and worship event, OneVoiceDC, during the MFL week. Abby Johnson, David Bereit (40 Days for Life), Dr. Alveda King (MLK Jr’s niece), Star Parker (CURE), and many others national leaders joined The Radiance Foundation (and our partners Bound4LIFE & Online For Life) as prayer leaders for this powerful experience. Nearly 700 people came to praise and worship the Lord in this event of united prayer and worship to end abortion. The second annual OneVoiceDC will be held on Thursday, January 21, 2016. If you’ll be in the DC area, we would love if you would join us. Learn more at OneVoiceDC.com.

We’re even impacting Presidential politics.

We do a lot of research, writing and creating. And it’s having an impact! Not just on the hundreds of "Big Fat Three Percent Lie" exposed by The Radiance Foundationthousands who’ve shared our content (videos, articles, memes, infographics, and more) in 2015, but even on presidential politics! A good friend of ours, who is a political consultant, informed us that a famous doctor has been educating himself on Planned Parenthood, eugenics and abortion from our work! During these crucial elections, we will continue to expose the evil and destruction of the abortion industry and far-left politics of taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood. The abortion and aborted-baby-parts trafficking chain is finally being investigated by the House Judiciary Committee, and our hope is to directly educate those appointed to the committee so that Planned Parenthood can’t use their same old talking points. These federal investigations will play a significant role in presidential politics with the Party of Abortion predictably doing all it can to defend the abortion giant and (most) GOP candidates reinforcing their pro-life party platform. We can’t afford any lip service when it comes to this social injustice of our day, which is why this election is crucial in the fight to abolish abortion.

We launched YourHeartAndSoul.org ad campaign to reach out to post-abortive women and men.

HEART-AND-SOUL-BUS-stopThanks to a generous tax-deductible donation from a Radiance supporter in the New York area, The Radiance Foundation was able to launch the YOURHEARTANDSOUL.ORG ad campaign. With large bus shelter posters spread throughout the capital of New York declaring “Abortion is not a healthcare issue…it’s a heart and soul issue” we reached out to post-abortive women and men with hope and healing. Powerful memes were created and shared thousands of times via social media. A coalition of pro-life, pro-family, pro-community organizations joined in this effort. Lives have been touched. Your tax-deductible gifts make this possible


We rely on your financial gifts to do our life-affirming work. Your donation is tax-deductible.

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