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I’m a firm believer that historical context is vital. Our present is the sum total of our yesterdays; it provides clarity and better understanding of today’s circumstances. It’s the reason why The Radiance Foundation launched TooManyAborted.com. The prolife movement began, not in the early 70s, but when we were first created by a God who infused Purpose into every living human being. That same Purpose has been celebrated and defended throughout humankind’s history. Today’s continuing battle to illuminate that we’re all “created equal” and endowed by our Creator “with certain unalienable Rights”, namely “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” is one that is being waged on an epic level. Many institutions (mainstream media, public schools, colleges and universities, corporate America, and many in the Church) fight hard to obfuscate our past while ignoring the peril of our present disregard for Life.

I’m a transracial adoptee and an adoptive father who exposes the antithesis to individual purpose—abortion. I focus on the life-affirming options of adoption and fostercare, celebrating the courage of birth mothers and the families that embrace Life that is unplanned. As one who is as black as Obama, and the same tangible realization of Possibility (in that both of our early circumstances in life are prime excuses for a child be aborted), I will be relentless in exposing Planned Parenthood. I will show the utter hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood’s rhetoric, the blatant dishonesty of their propaganda (including the Guttmacher Institute), and why they continue to target those they consider “unfit” to reproduce. Race and abortion is a volatile mix, one that the abortion industry is solely responsible for creating. My writing helps adjust the lens through which the public views the issue—with a statistical, analytical and historical filter that’s irrefutable.

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ACLU attacks The Radiance Foundation and TooManyAborted.com campaign
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