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In response to the ACLU’s official clueless denunciation of our “Juneteenth” campaign, we’ve written this Open Letter to Ms. Chara Fisher Jackson in order to educate her and other abortion apologists.

Dear Ms. Chara Fisher Jackson,

You prove that those who practice “law” are just as adept as obscuring the truth. First and foremost, this campaign is created and championed by black Americans from across the country, from every background, every profession–many of whom are post-abortive black women, adoptive parents, and community leaders. So you can throw all of that “attacking black women” talking point away. By the way, as much as liberals like to kick the man to the periphery, biology cannot be changed. A man should be equally as responsible for a child in and out of the womb.

When is it demeaning to awaken a community to the destructive issues that are plaguing it? I guess you denounced Bill Cosby, too, years ago for daring to discuss the issue of fatherlessness, which by the way, is at a devastating 72.3%. But apparently, that’s just fine with the illustrious ACLU who will defend anything liberal at the expense of honest and open discussion about real problems. Instead, you conjure up dishonest circumstances to justify the epidemic of abortion in the black community, feigning outrage over a simple contention–that there are too many aborted. Apparently, the ACLU believes not enough are aborted.

You give lip service to “choice” but the institution you defend, Planned Parenthood’s obviously pushes one “choice”–abortion. They abort 340 babies for every 1 adoption referral, aborting 332,278 innocent lives according to their own latest Annual Report. “Choice” as you and other abortion allies tout it, is a complete sham. I am adopted AND an adoptive father, and like many prolife individuals like me, am very involved in improving the lives of children AFTER they are born. That’s another pathetic liberal talking point you can eject.

Let’s talk some facts here that seem too inconvenient to address. Poverty has only increased since abortion was legalized. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, poverty had hit its lowest point since the 60s’ War on Poverty in 1973, but only increased ever since. In the latest year reported (in 2009) more people are impoverished than ever recorded in the 51 years the stats have been kept. Abortion has NEVER mitigated poverty. You would’ve denounced Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s Report in 1965 warning about the increasing breakdown of the black family in 1965, where illegitimacy was an alarming 25% at that time.

Infant mortality–a favorite excuse from abortion apologists–is never put into proper context. Let’s understand that you’re saying that, somehow, 8,793 black infant deaths in 2007, justify over 360,000 abortions. Where’s the logic in that? More death is the solution to more death? In 1990, when abortion numbers had reached their highest point (or lowest point, morally, if you are prolife) the infant mortality rate was also much higher. Hmmmm…more abortions…higher infant mortality. This happens throughout historical abortion and infant mortality trends. In 1940 the white IMR was 16.03 and the Black IMR was 33.05 revealing that the racial disparity has NEVER been changed by abortion. Obviously there are other factors that cause this rate to be higher; healthcare disparities that are NOT solved by abortion chain you so ardently defend–Planned Parenthood.

Maternal mortality–yet another favorite excuse. Let’s use NYC as an example, since it’s the home of Planned Parenthood. In 1971, there were 37 maternal deaths with 67,032 legal abortions. In 2008, with 82,475 abortions, there were MORE maternal deaths–44. NYC has 42 times the abortion rate of the national average yet it’s infant and maternal mortality rate on nearly on par with the rest of the nation.

Your defense is weak.

“From forced sterilizations to the experiments at Tuskegee, there is a long and disgraceful history in this country of regulating and exploiting black women’s and men’s bodies and basic dignity.”

Yes. And this “long and disgraceful” history, aka EUGENICS, is what created Planned Parenthood and social policies (Jim Crow, anti-miscegenation laws, the Negro Project, abortion) that continue to dehumanize people of my complexion. And today, that history has culminated in the epidemic killing of black babies (i.e. 60% of all black pregnancies in NYC…50% of all black pregnancies in Philly). Black children, according to the pro-abortion think tank, Guttmacher, are aborted at 3-5x the rate of the majority population. Roe v. Wade’s contortion of the 14th Amendment, which finally ascribed humanity to black Americans like me, bizarrely justified stripping humanity from another class of people–the unborn. (See Justice Blackmun’s Roe v. Wade Majority Opinion which repeatedly invoked the 14th Amendment.) The tie-in with slavery, on MANY levels, is inextricable.

Go ahead. Defend the indefensible. Meanwhile, we’ll keep on educating our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, friends, and leaders in a community that needs more truth than your distractions and excuses. We’ll do whatever we can to help save the beautiful possibility in the three lives involved: the unborn child, the mother and father.

Helping others to shine…

Ryan Bomberger
The Radiance Foundation
Creator/Director of TooManyAborted.com

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