An Angel Named Aliyah

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This is re-published from 2008, in honor of Fatherhood. Currently, I am the proud father of 4 children who forever change my life, every single day.

How can one describe being a daddy? The gift of life often defies the ability of language to capture the truly intense emotion that defines being a father. There are many different types of fathers. Some are present. Some are not. Some connect. Some don’t. Some uplift. Some tear down. Some see a blessing. Others see a burden. I pray my life, as a husband and father (currently of 3) will always be the former in each example. I’m in awe of each of my children. They remind me of what adults should be: curious, passionate, uncomplicated, loving, and eager to learn. My newest little “unplanned” angel arrived in October. But just a few months ago, we thought we lost her. For several hours after a surgery her mommy needed, nurses could not find our baby’s heartbeat in utero. It was an incredible scare because we were assured neither mommy nor baby girl were in danger by the surgery. Aliyah has tugged on my heart just like my other two munchkins. Love is forever an evolving thing. Just when you think you’ve loved with all you have, you find you’ve only begun to tap into that wellspring of affection.

I understand how God sees us, His children, in a way no one can understand until you hold that child closely and cling to her as if you never want to let go. I get a glimpse of what it’s like to want to move heaven and earth so that the ones you’ve created will know that you did it simply because you love them. I will do all I humanly can to be the kind of father that my children need. I pray that I will always be the husband that provides an environment where my wife can be the loving mother she is so naturally.

I’ve been given 3 beautiful responsibilities that will always know their daddy loves them no matter what. And although actions speak louder, I hope I never give up trying to find the words to tell them, every day, how much I love them.

Ryan Bomberger co-founded The Radiance Foundation along with his amazing wife, Bethany. They believe that Hope, rooted in God, transforms even the most hopeless situations. They created The Radiance Foundation to inspire people to live a life of meaning.
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