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History has a way of illuminating basic truths. To a certain degree, we can look at documented events and understand how we’ve arrived at our present. This is why history, for many political pundits, must be controlled and revised. There’s a potency in that, often, easily discoverable truth, that unmasks liberals and exposes a past they so desperately want to hide. What better way to keep people in captivity than to convince them to stay on the plantation?

This, and every election, people have the opportunity to run toward Liberty or stumble over the lies. For a segment of the population that has been so blaxploited by its own leadership, choosing the lie has sadly become a fatal compulsion. The nation’s number one killer of babies—Planned Parenthood—has spent millions propagandizing the very racial group it targets with death. The abortion rate among African-Americans is up to 5 times higher than the majority population, destroying beautiful possibility in the black community nearly 1,000 times a day. Yet for the upcoming midterm elections, the billion-dollar abortion giant is courting #BlackVotes for the party of slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, poll taxes, literacy tests and unlimited abortion.

Former NAACP chapter president, C.L. Bryant is the creator of the powerful documentary, RunAway Slave. The film shares his journey toward freedom and out of the liberal clutches of a party that continues to enslave. The journey is never easy. There is a well-understood behavioral protocol in the black community where groupthink assures you inclusion. If one dares to veer off the ideological plantation retribution is harsh. The masters, both black and white, won’t allow the superficial cohesion to come undone. Despite all of the evidence that decades of liberal social policies have wreaked havoc on families in every inner-city in America, the inevitable demonization of those who challenge the status quo is enough to silence most dissenters.

I’ve never been good at being quiet.

"ABORTION DOESN'T ADVANCE COLORED PEOPLE" by The Radiance FoundationJust ask the NAACP. They wanted me to be a good negro and stop criticizing their lethal liberalism. Yes, I sarcastically used the term “negro” which is as in need of changing as “colored” people (hello United Negro College Fund and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). The NAACP sued to deprive me of my First Amendment rights, abusing trademark law to censor my free speech. So, Alliance Defending Freedom is fighting for my civil rights against a “civil rights” group that is out of touch with what truly advances people of any color.

Socially, the majority of black Americans tend to lean conservative on key fundamental issues. Yet these core beliefs are not reflected in the political actions of the black community. What explains this dissonance? Fear of defying the established, yet immensely flawed, precepts of liberalism keep too many from escaping to the North. The nation’s so-called “civil rights” organizations and plenty of liberal media pundits make sure the fugitives are kept in check. These organizations can’t stand the thought that they can’t keep everyone on the victims’ plantation. Leaders like Senator Tim Scott, Judge Janice Rogers Brown, Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Alveda King, Star Parker and even The Radiance Foundation are regularly vilified in order for the evangelists of victimhood to keep their congregations in check.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been branded an Uncle Tom, in a derogatory way. As with most history, so-called progressives have managed to distort even this epic novel that helped expose the horrors of slavery to a nation slow to embrace abolition. For liberals, and other uninformed followers, the main character’s name is a pejorative they wield with malice.

Apparently, they’ve never read Uncle Tom’s Cabin.UncleTomsCabin-BookCover

Uncle Tom’s selflessness, Christian faith and his death at the hands of his slave master served as a catalyst to set others free. Our culture of abortion, and the bondage it has created, is crying out for heroes like Uncle Tom. We need more that will bravely and peacefully stand up to an unjust system that denies the humanity of God’s creation.

Call me an Uncle Tom. I’ll take the beatings in the news and on social media. There is an injustice that is higher than I that compels me to plead for others to leave the plantation. There is a freedom waiting for so many that is worth the sacrifice. Out of love I, and many others like me, will endure the attacks in order to see shackles fall.


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  • Angelina C

    What a moving article. I mourn your intelligent wisdom is ridiculed by those who profit by racism.

    I look forward to finding out more about you and the organization.

    What a sick world that common sense and truth are vilified that it takes courage to stand for what is right, rather than it being the right thing, the normal thing to do.

    God bless the work of your hands.

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