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Bethany speaks at DNA Women's Conference.
Ryan speaks at FRC in DC.
Bethany speaks at MOPS event.

The Radiance Foundation loves to illuminate the Truth. That’s what we pursue with passion. We keynote about 60 in-person and online/virtual events each year. We’ve spoken directly to hundreds of thousands about the beauty of Possibility and the God-given Purpose we all possess. From conferences to pregnancy care banquets (which we’ve helped to raise millions of dollars) to colleges and high school campuses to prolife rallies, Capitol Hill briefings and webinars, The Radiance Foundation delivers unique and compelling multimedia presentations. We have impacted diverse audiences with our originality and messaging that resonates…powerfully.

Our highly-praised multimedia talks (see our Topics page) are tailored to your event, your venue and your audience. Whether it’s an audience of 250 or 250,000, we’ve addressed crowds large and small with the same result–changed lives. We address abortion, adoption, fatherlessness, racism (and bogus anti-racism), gender radicalism, identity, free speech, religious liberty and basically the War on Common Sense.

You can find out more about Ryan Bomberger and the issues he addresses here. Find out more about Bethany Bomberger and the topics that she’s passionate about here.

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  • “Ryan Bomberger’s talk at the Pro-Life/Pro-Family Coalition conference was the absolute best multi-media presentation I have ever seen. Ryan throws tons of statistics at the audience in a riveting combination of numbers, graphics and pictures. It’s exciting to see such high quality techniques in a pro-life talk.”

    Ann Scheidler
    Ann Scheidler Vice President, Prolife Action League
  • Ryan is a creative genius!

    Dr. Alveda King
    Dr. Alveda King Director of African-American Outreach, Priests for Life
  • I have been active in the pro-life for nearly 30 years. I have heard innumerable pro-life talks. Ryan's presentation ranks among the most powerful I have heard because of his compelling personal story, the work of The Radiance Foundation he describes with images, and his masterful delivery. He is a leader among a new generation of pro-lifers -- dedicated, savy, and effective.

    Joe Pojman, Ph.D.
    Joe Pojman, Ph.D. Executive Director, Texas Alliance For Life
  • I have deep respect for how you make God’s grace visible in your design, audible in your music, tangible in your speaking and touchable in your family. I’m truly thankful to call you friends.

    Jedd Medefind
    Jedd Medefind President, Christian Alliance For Orphans
  • The challenge facing black America today is moral, not political. Abortion, AIDS, crime, poor education, family breakdown. These reflect poor personal decisions, not politics. The liberal worldview has no moral clarity when it comes to these issues as it has injected its venom into urban America for decades. The Radiance Foundation’s exposes this harmful ideology and the devastating repercussions that have left our inner-cities fatherless and made abortion the number one killer of black Americans.

    Star Parker
    Star Parker Founder/President, C.U.R.E.
  • Ryan Bomberger’s speech was one of the most beautiful, motivating speeches on adoption and the dignity of the human person that I have ever heard. Ryan’s personal story is not only spell-binding, but his skills at sharing his history, his humor and tech savviness made it all come to life for those in attendance. I left the Rose Dinner wanting to do more for others and be a better person because of Ryan’s remarks.

    Jeanne Mancini
    Jeanne Mancini President, March for Life Education & Defense Fund


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