Democrat Fragility

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“You’re just an Uncle Tom!” the University of Louisville (black) professor yelled at me.

“Is that supposed to be an insult?” I asked. Thinking she dug some stake into my argument about abortion’s devastation in the black community, the professor continued with her ignorance of the issue and the history-making novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

“You’re really trying to call me an Uncle Tom? You know, it’s not an insult to be called someone who risked his life so that others could be set free,” I replied calmly to her as I continued my keynote speech to a packed-out crowd in the university’s Red Barn.

Democrat Fragility is a real thing. If you question them, you’re a bigot. If you dislike their policies, you’re a sexist. If you demand accountability, you’re a racist. If you speak the truth, you’re silenced.

Since my wife and I founded The Radiance Foundation, we have had many interactions with academia and mainstream media. I had always thought the news media was interested in reporting. I found out in the early days of our non-profit, they were interested in distorting. I found myself battling so-called journalists and news editors because they had no use for accuracy as they regularly practiced advocacy.

"Black & Beautiful" by The Radiance Foundation

“Black & Beautiful” by The Radiance Foundation

When our organization launched billboards in Oakland and the surrounding area, the leading news outlet there – SF Gate – refused to report on our Black & Beautiful billboards. The campaign exposed the history and present racism of Planned Parenthood and highlighted the pro-life resources available to those facing unplanned pregnancies. The reporter interviewed me for a long time over the phone. Days went by. No article. When I wrote back to her to ask why, she told me her editors wouldn’t publish anything on the billboards unless it was opposition to them! And sure enough, days later, a full-page OpEd featuring a pro-abortion activist standing in front of our billboards adorned the fake news outlet’s Opinion page. SF Gate wasn’t interested in my perspective as a black/brown American who was adopted and an adoptive father fighting the violence of abortion in the black community. They were threatened by my “lived experience” so much so that they had to pretend I didn’t exist.

Democrat Fragility.

That same billboard campaign was denounced by the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and to my shock – the NAACP – an organization I grew up revering. Well, that was until they condemned me for proclaiming that black lives matter in the womb. The NAACP called our billboard campaign “racist” and that we were “creating an illusion that Planned Parenthood is an organization that is murdering black babies.” Planned Parenthood is the number one killer of black babies, which is why I exposed the NAACP’s abortion radicalism in an OpEdentitled: “The National Association for the Abortion of Colored People.” They really hated my factivism. The “civil rights” group sued me over exercising my First Amendment rights. They lost.

Democrat Fragility.

When NPR interviewed me years ago for All Things Considered, they didn’t consider me worth mentioning in their article about our organization’s billboard campaign. It was an initiative that I created and our organization placed throughout Atlanta. NPR interviewed me for over 30 minutes off-line in our church’s conference room. Not one second of my voice was included on-line.

Democrat Fragility.

Social media, in a desperate attempt to quell free speech, launches “fact-checking” masquerades and “anti-disinformation” campaigns. They slap labels on videos to “provide more context” but the alleged context is a lie (see YouTube’s abortion disclaimers here, here and here). Our organization lost thousands of followers on Twitter after being suspended for posting irrefutably factual information about Islamic terrorism (quoting the State Department). We’ve been shadow-banned ever since. Facebook has removed articles (like my OpEd on transgenderism and children) and has heavily suppressed our reach over the last two years. Instagram threatened to permanently suspend us because our meme (truthfully) declared: Planned Parenthood kills more black lives in two weeks than the KKK killed in a century. (Remember, the Democratic Party was the Party of Slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK.)

Democrat Fragility.

On college campuses, too many students aren’t being taught to fear and not to think. At Harvard, Ivy League students tried to shout me down during a lecture. They mocked my appearance. They called me f-bomb ladened names. They questioned my “blackness.” Activists said I should have been aborted (as did the professor I was debating).

Some Christian colleges are just as bad. When I delivered a presentation called “Black Lives Matter In and Out of the Womb” at Wheaton, some of the school’s woke staff and leftist student leadership couldn’t handle simple truths. Days later, they smeared me in a campus-wide email and claimed I made “students, staff and faculty of color feel unheard, underrepresented and unsafe on campus.” They demonized the young College Republicans who invited me to speak and gave them hell for the rest of the year. How dare Christian conservatives not bow down at the altar of Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory!

Democrat Fragility.

And now, we face one of the most important elections of my lifetime. There is no middle ground between the Party of Crazy (the DNC) and the Party of Conservativism (the GOP). While one Party obsesses over controlling parts of speech and celebrating the amputation of parts of children’s bodies, the other fights for free speech and the protection of children’s bodies (in and out of the womb). While one Party forgets its long history of voter suppression, the Party of voting rights (the GOP) continues to fight to make sure every citizen’s vote counts (once). While one Party thinks informed and involved parents are “terrorists”, the other knows parents are foundational to our society. On every crucial moral and spiritual issue, you’re not allowed in Liberal Land to have a reasoned dissent. And when the results of this election are officially declared, the most fragile man currently in political office today – President Biden – will continue to attack Americans for thinking and voting freely.

It’s called Democrat Fragility.


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