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The Chicago Tribune lied its way through a sloppily written Op-ed that unapologetically defends the violence of abortion. In “Abortion Pill Extremists Are Disingenuous Absolutists”, the Editorial Board sounded like abortion industry spokespeople instead of objective journalists. According to the male-dominated Board, abortion ensures the “smooth functioning of American society.”

Things go soooo smoothly when we kill our children. Ok. Got it.

Lincoln once said: “Let the people know the facts and the country will be safe.” This quote is engraved in the entryway of the Tribune’s headquarters. One would think it would be a daily reminder to those working for the Chicago Tribune. Clearly, with this attack piece on pro-life Americans, they’ve not only disregarded the facts but the public trust. In the Journalist’s Creed, it states, in part: “I believe that the public journal is a public trust; that all connected with it are, to the full measure of their responsibility, trustees for the public.” Our country and our Posterity are less safe with every printed lie that our gatekeepers allow through.

The Editorial Board, like most so-called news organization across the country, paints a dark and cruel picture of pro-life advocates. “The anti-abortion activists behind this litigation couldn’t care less about the health and welfare of women who want the pill for abortions,” the abortion apologists write. These “anti-abortion activists” are all physicians, many of whom are OB/GYNs. This fact is conveniently omitted by the Tribune. The plaintiffs in the common-sense lawsuit include the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the Christian Medical and Dental Association, and the American College of Pediatricians. These medical organizations represent over 20,000 individual members. They daily care for the health and welfare of women. Again, these are more facts never mentioned by the pro-abortion editorial board. It’s why one of those plaintiffs in the case, Dr. George Delgado, designed a compassionate recourse for women who want to reverse their chemical abortions. It’s called Abortion Pill Reversal, and of course, the abortion industry says it’s “dangerous to women.” No. It’s dangerous to a predatory industry that wants to profit from fear and desperation.

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board’s laziness is evident in its unwillingness to acknowledge reality. It’s so much easier to vilify than to verify. “Their goal is to set up as many roadblocks as possible, no matter the suffering their tactics might cause to those most directly involved.” Again, they’re talking about pro-life physicians. What about the suffering of those killed by the pills, both the innocent unborn children and the mothers? What about preventing or eliminating suffering by addressing root causes, providing material assistance, and mentoring unexpectant parents? This happens in our nation’s 3,000 pregnancy centers. The Chicago Tribune and other pro-abortion news sources want to pretend that abortion is the only option.

“The most cynical aspect of the lawsuit is its false claim that mifepristone is unsafe, and women need to be protected from it,” the Tribune claims as it continues its deliberate deception. Mifepristone is unsafe. And it’s documented. In the last 20 years, over 20 women have died from it. There were 3,197 reported adverse effects from its use where “529 cases were life-threatening, and 1,957 cases were severe…2,243 surgeries were required.” That doesn’t sound like safety. That sounds like jeopardy. According to researchers, the FDA’s reporting mechanism for adverse events was “inadequate and significantly underestimates the adverse events of mifepristone.”

Since Dobbs, the pro-abortion Left has gone out of its way to push back-alley abortions on women, no matter the collateral damage. Their media allies then point their fingers at those who want to protect every human life and say: “See. They’re the ones who want you to harm you!” It’s almost like Senator Elizabeth Warren penned this Tribune Op-ed. (She wants to shut down every pregnancy resource center nationwide because they – in her absurd words – “torture pregnant people.”)

I guess if you fail to humanize the unborn, it’s just as easy to dehumanize those who want to stop them from being killed.

“We accept that with Roe gone, each state can take its own path on this divisive issue, with some imposing bans that cruelly endanger the health of pregnant women. Extreme efforts to enforce these bans should worry everyone, no matter their views on abortion,” they write in a scathing and contradictory manner. They claim to be okay with states taking their own path but denounce any option taken that doesn’t lead to unrestricted abortion. Extreme lack of scrutiny by journalistic organizations should concern everyone. The only ones who benefit from this are abortionists. When’s the last time the Chicago Tribune did any kind of investigation into the abortion industry? Gone are the days when journalism dared to look into the corrupt big business of reproductive violence. The Chicago Sun-Times’ 1978 exposé, The Abortion Profiteers, would never be conducted by today’s advocacy news media.

The Tribune asks: “Does anybody seriously believe the country would be better off if food and drugs were regulated by Texas or other individual states, instead of the FDA?” COVID vaccines, anyone? Or, let’s go back even further to this 2013 law journal article from Harvard which declared: “Risky Business: Why the FDA Cannot be Trusted.” So, yes. There are many people who believe the country would be better off if entities other than a bloated government agency massively funded by Big Pharma (46% of its budget) actually made the public’s health a priority and not corporate profits.

Sorry, Chicago Tribune. The “Abortion Pill Extremists” are the ones who celebrate the new wave of back-alley DIY abortions. The “Disingenuous Absolutists” are abortion activists posing as journalists who demonize every pro-life effort to protect mothers, their children and human dignity.

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