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On August 28th, over a hundred thousand gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to restore our national focus to the Biblical principles our nation was founded upon. The Restoring Honor rally was riveting as it displayed a cross-political, cross-cultural, and cross-generational array of leaders calling upon Americans to refocus on what truly matters. Although the mainstream media tried to attack Dr. Alveda King and denounce her strong stand on traditional issues, she, like many others whose convictions are rooted in Biblical principles, is unwavering.

We are a nation founded upon Judeo-Christian precepts with a (non-theocratic) government that exists to serve the people. Many of the principles espoused during the Restoring Honor rally simply echo those of our founding fathers. Though they themselves were not infallible, they established a democracy like none other, with its crowning achievement assuring all Americans the freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Thankfully, the constitution was constructed to be amended, and many wrongs have been made right since its ratification. But there are those who would like to ignore our rich religious heritage, borne of free will, that brought about the birth of such a great nation.

We stand with you Dr. Alveda King and other national civil rights leaders who recognize, above all else, the right to life as paramount–the right from which all others flow. For all of the detractors, we promise to continue to educate the public to dismantle the obstructive wall of propaganda that so-called progressives have built up over this last century. Freedom demands the truth, and that’s what The Radiance Foundation is committed to illuminate.

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