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The Radiance Foundation worked with Dr. Alveda King (King for America), Catherine Davis, Walter Hoye, Stephen Broden, Arnold Culbreath, Dr. La Verne Tolbert, Dean Nelson and many other national civil rights leaders in establishing the website for the National Black Prolife Coalition ( Our first official event was the National Day of Mourning.  It was launched to respond to the butchery of Philly abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who killed women and children in his clinic dubbed the “House of Horrors”.  NARAL Prochoice America, over ten years ago, audited his clinic in order to decide whether to accept it into its national network of abortuaries.  Apparently, it wasn’t clean enough to kill unborn children.  The squalid conditions and multiple violations of NARAL’s “standards” caused the organization to reject Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society clinic that served mostly low-income black women and immigrants.  NARAL never breathed a word of the horrible conditions to any state authorities, and Gosnell continued maiming and sterilizing women, delivering healthy babies and killing them by severing their spines and slitting their throats for over 10 years. (See the Philadelphia’s District Attorney’s Grand Jury Report Here).

NARAL doesn’t care about women.  Their silence says it all.

The National Black Prolife Coalition called a National Day of Mourning to highlight the fact that Gosnell is NOT the exception. Women are put in harm’s way, emotionally, physically and spiritually every day across our country by abortionists.  Ceremonies were held on February 28th, the last day of Black History Month, in major cities across the nation in 14 states memorializing women killed and harmed by abortion as well as the millions of unborn children slaughtered in the name of “choice”.

As I stood on one side of the glass and bricks of Gosnell’s clinic, I couldn’t believe what was allowed to happen to hundreds of women on the other side, for so long.  While churches and colleges just blocks away never protested…never did anything to stop the violence that made Gosnell a millionaire.

The Radiance Foundation is proud to stand with Dr. Alveda King, Catherine Davis, Walter Hoye and so many others who want to stop the barbaric killing of women and children under the demented guise of “reproductive justice”.  There is no justice in the killing of innocent life. There is no justice in deceiving women into thinking it’s just a clump of cells. There is no justice in an urban environment where men have fled their responsibilities as defenders and fathers.

This is the Truth we illuminate.

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