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The Radiance Foundation, known nationally for its bold abortion awareness campaigns, has always promoted the beautiful life-affirming option of adoption. November is National Adoption Month and the nonprofit educational organization has now launched a new initiative focused on adoptees’ experiences of being adopted and loved. Phase one of the social media campaign,, is comprised of compelling new video ads and other shareable content that illuminates the beauty of adoption.

Ryan Bomberger, Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation, is an adoptee and adoptive father. Like George Washington Carver, Faith Hill, the late Dave Thomas (Wendy’s Founder) and Steve Jobs (Apple founder), Bomberger emphasizes the positive impact adoption has on adoptees and on the world around them. “ celebrates beautiful possibility. We’re often told that life that is unplanned will be unwanted and unloved. That myth is disproven every day by adoptees who change the communities they live in and impact the world around them,” says Bomberger. “Sometimes, the best things in life are unplanned.”


Busting Adoption Myths while Celebrating Beautiful Possibility. There is, however, MUCH more that we can do to promote adoption to ensure no child is waiting to be loved…waiting for a family to call home.

The Radiance Foundation partnered initially with RealOptions pregnancy medical clinics in California and Bethany Christian Services (the world’s largest adoption agency) to create a series of new :30 TV ads. That grew into much more. The Radiance Foundation wanted to tell these powerful stories to help promote this act of justice, hope and love.

“We celebrate birthmoms. We stand with them and support them. It’s not easy making a plan for adoption. We wanted to create content that would speak to expectant mothers and fathers who may not be ready for parenting,” says Bethany Bomberger, Executive Director of The Radiance Foundation. “Through, the powerful videos created and the resources listed we want to encourage those facing unexpected pregnancies to turn the unplanned into a loving plan.”

Children in single female-led homes are 5 times more likely grow up in poverty. Adoption can be part of the solution in fighting poverty and fatherlessness. Expectant birthparents have an option.

“So many out there are talking about social justice. Few work toward it. This is true social justice,” says Ryan Bomberger, creator of the campaign. “Adoption is a means by which birthparents, adopted children and adoptive families can join in a journey that affirms the lives of all involved. It’s a win-win-win situation.”

And the majority of birthparents, adoptees and adoptive families across the nation, according to extensive research, agree.



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