Own it. You Are Pro-Abortion, Gloria Steinem.

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Ahhhh, the Huffington Post—all the fake news that’s fit to print. Pro-abortion icon, Gloria Steinem, doesn’t want to own her radical abortion activism. And leftist news outlets are more than happy to defend her objection to reality. Showing that abortion advocacy is one and the same with environmental radicalism, Steinem opined that birthing children is the “fundamental cause of climate change”. Her solution? Abortion. She’s in a long line of environment evangelist hucksters who’ve made the same doomsday proclamations of overpopulation and have been trounced by actual science (ahem, Thomas Robert Malthus, Paul Ehrlich, Margaret Sanger, Al Gore). By the way population control enthusiast Paul Ehrlich, England is still here. His ludicrous 1968 book, The Population Bomb, predicted that the nation “will not exist in 2000”). Oh, and hundreds of millions did not starve to death in the 70s from famines. “Progressives” ignore when their prophecies have exploded. They just give them new euphemistic dressings.

Pro-abortion eugenicists, like Steinem, are in a constant state of denial, claiming they’re “pro-choice”, not “pro-abortion”. Apparently pro-slavery politicians weren’t really for slavery, they were merely pro-jobs…or pro-economic freedom…or pro-trade.

There are no two situations in American jurisprudence that mirror each other more exactly than slavery and abortion. As an abortion abolitionist (who happens to have brown skin) I see it so clearly. Dred Scott and Roe v. Wade are tragic reflections. Both were decided by seven male justices who concluded that certain humans weren’t equal and therefore the Constitution was inapplicable to them. This meant these non-citizens, non-persons, less-than-human-beings could be bought, sold, or killed. They were merely a commercial commodity. Slavery meet abortion—your judicial successor.

So in this vein of faux feminism’s semantic fantasy, here is the slightly revised Huff Post article defending Steinem (rewritten for satirical purposes, so don’t try to sue me). I simply changed “reproductive freedom” and “anti-abortion” to terms of slavery to highlight the absurdity of Steinem’s (and mainstream #fakenews’) narrative as seen here:


For the record: Gloria Steinem is not “pro-slavery.”

On Tuesday, the slavery icon and activist sat down with the AP before speaking at a gala fundraiser for Slave Traders of America. The event welcomed over 1,000 people for the Slaver Traders of America’s 100th anniversary. Ohio is not only Steinem’s home state but also a long-held battleground over slaves’ rights. According to the AP, anti-slavery group, The American Anti-Slavery Society, has described Steinem as a “radical pro-slavery icon.”

In response to The American Anti-Slavery Society’s description, Steinem told the AP that there’s no such thing as being “pro-slavery.”

“If [The American Anti-Slavery Society] supported me, I’d know I was doing something wrong. It’s obviously ridiculous to say somebody is ‘pro-slavery.’ Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, ‘I think I’ll have a slave. It’s a pleasurable experience,’” Steinem said. “The question is not pro-slavery or anti-slavery, the question is who makes the decision: a slavemaster or the government.”

In another interview during the same event, Steinem described slavery as a human right. “This is the most basic right, therefore it’s often the most contested. The first step in every hierarchal system is controlling slavery and controlling slaves’ bodies,” Steinem told the paper. “I do think we’re on the way to understanding slavery as a basic human right… but we’re not there yet.”


And there you have it—Steinem’s “I’m not pro-slavery” logic. It’s not enough that she proudly boasts of her own abortion (sporting an “I had an abortion” t-shirt) or raises millions for the nation’s leading abortion chain, Planned Parenthood. She wants to pretend that fighting for the right to an abortion isn’t pro-abortion. Sure, as long as she accepts the premise that those who fought for the right to a slave weren’t pro-slavery.

While pro-abortion activists are euphemizing violence and eliminating less-than-equal human beings, anti-abortion factivists are working to build a culture that makes true our founding Declaration that we’re all created equal.

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  • Mike

    “Controlling slave owners’ property” would be a better analogy than “controlling slaves’ bodies.”

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