The Radiance Foundation to Present The Social Injustice of Abortion at Indiana Tech

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DATE OF EVENT: 02/27/14
LOCATION: Indiana Tech, Magee O’Connor Theater (Andorfer Commons)
TIME: 7pm
COST: Free
QUESTIONS: Contact Greg Byman, Faith Services Coordinator, at 260-422-5561


Click on image and download flyer to print.

The Radiance Foundation is excited to be able to speak on Indiana Tech campus about the deeply divisive, grossly misrepresented, and under-discussed issue of abortion. The unique multimedia presentation, entitled “The Social Injustice of Abortion” takes an unconventional approach to the human rights issue, combining the deeply personal with the alarming evidential. “The Social Injustice of Abortion” provides a deep and substantive look at the abortion issue with many surprises. The audience will see how this human rights issue, as the graphics of the event suggest, inextricably tied to other crucial issues of justice.

Various resources from The Radiance Foundation’s awareness campaign will be made available.

Ryan’s sense of true justice stems from being adopted into a multi-racial family of 15, where 10 of the children were adopted as newborns or from the foster care system. Adopted and loved, Ryan flourished in emotionally, academically, creatively and spiritually. He witnessed, throughout his life, parents who regularly engaged their community with compassionate (mostly anonymous) assistance to those in need. So, surrounded by faith-driven examples, Ryan’s passion for the broken began at a young age.

As co-founder of The Radiance Foundation, a life-affirming educational non-profit that he began with his wife, Bethany, he loves challenging the status quo by illuminating the truth using history, statistics, and powerful personal stories.

The original media created for each of The Radiance Foundation’s events always receive high praise. More importantly, the creative approach has helped to reshape people’s hearts and minds on a variety of issues.


OptionLine – Pregnancy Help Line (
Pregnancy Decision Line – Pregnancy Help Line (
National Help Line – Pregnancy / Post-Abortive Help Line  (
Hope After Abortion – Post-Abortive Help Resource ( – Pregnancy Help Line/Adoption Resource (
Adoption Journey – Adoption Help Resource (
National Fatherhood Initiative – Fatherhood Support/Training/Resource (
National Center for Fathering– Fatherhood Support/Training/Resource (


The Radiance Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Feedback or questions? Call 1-877-517-4463 or contact online here.


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