Truth vs. “Prochoice”: Ryan Bomberger Debates Pro-Abortion Legislator and NPR

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Most Americans should know by now that NPR stands for National Prochoice Radio. They rarely ever try to appear objective on abortion. This week, I was given the opportunity to debate the president of Planned Parenthood Maryland (PPM) on NPR affiliate WAMU on The Kojo Nnamdi Show. I was excited about the prospect of an actual debate with a Planned Parenthood executive. They tend to avoid any challenge to their media-regurgitated, unsubstantiated talking points. Well, that chance was quickly aborted the evening before the interview. Planned Parenthood backed out, it seems because they didn’t want to debate a factivist. So Planned Parenthood-endorsed Maryland Delegate Kathleen Dumais (D), who has a 100% rating with the abortion org, stepped in. She had her piles of papers and prepared talking points in front of her.

I had facts.

And this is what happened…

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  • susanlou

    So my sister borrows money for gas and laundry detergent, goes to the liquor store and stocks up. I confront her about what she did with the money. She tells me she didn’t use my money for booze, she used hers. She says she used mine for gas and detergent. Yeah that made it A OK. Sarcasm

  • Justmom

    Lol, Ryan wrecked these clowns!

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