Democrats: The Party of Jim Covid

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The nation’s capital, one would think, would be the freest in our Constitutional Republic. That assumes, of course, the Constitution is what elected leaders uphold. As we’ve seen throughout the scamdemic, it’s not the Law of the Land that’s held high but fear and control.

“The COVID-19 pandemic, including the exponential spread of its Omicron variant, threatens the health and welfare of District residents, workers, and visitors and threatens to overwhelm our hospital capacity,” declaredDC Mayor Muriel Bowser on December 21st. The spread was so severe she decided to hold off on the forced vaccine mandate for nearly an entire month. Nothing says emergency like waiting until after the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season. Wouldn’t want your local economy to miss out on the end-of-the-year influx of cash. Follow the science, people.

Instead, Bowser’s unconstitutional mandate begins one week before the annual March for Life in DC. It’s already caused massive cancellations in interior events because the contradictory mandate requires all restaurants, bars, gyms, indoor meeting spaces, and indoor entertainment venues to refuse people (12 years old and older) entrance into their establishments unless they prove their vaccination status. People who claim an exemption have to show documentation of a medical/religious exemption and have a negative COVID test within the last 24 hours…you know, the tests that are super accurate and abundantly available.

Businesses must post signage of the segregation order and can be fined up to $1000 or even lose their licenses. Big box stores, don’t worry. You’re safe. You can have thousands milling around in your stores; COVID apparently doesn’t do retail. Oh, and here’s another kicker. The employees at the businesses that are banning the unvaccinated…don’t have to be vaccinated themselves!

Pandemic power has gone to too many politicians’ heads. And the infection rate is sky high.

Liberals go apoplectic if law enforcement requires the immigration status from a suspected criminal, but celebrate their COVID consciousness when they demand an American’s vaccination status. People haven’t been forced to show their “freedom papers” since free blacks had to carry their certificates of freedom with them prior to the abolition of slavery.

The Party of Jim Crow is now the Party of Jim Covid. Segregation yesterday. Segregation today. Segregation forever.

Is it really any surprise? The Democrat Party fought to protect the evil of slavery. The KKK was basically their terrorist wing. Separate and unequal was, and is, their mantra. They’re the Party of Endless Identity Politics. Every day there seems to be a new identity formed, a new category created, and a new reason to separate ourselves into superficial factions.

But if this plandemic has shown us anything, it’s shown the Left’s addiction to dividing us. “Stay at Home!”, “Shelter in Place!”, “Mask Up!”, “Don’t Gather!”, “You’re Not Essential!”, “Quarantine!”, “Remote Learning!”, “6 Feet Apart!”, “Anti-Vaxxer!”, “Abortion is Essential Healthcare” and now “No Unvaccinated Allowed.”

We are reliving one of the worst parts of American history once thought defeated by a civil rights movement comprised of courageous men and women of every hue. But oh, how we’re creatures of habit. We’re given daily doses of the actual death of democracy promoted by people like Dr. Leana Wen, the former (fired) president of Planned Parenthood. She demands less freedoms for the unvaccinated to force us all to take the “vaccine.” Wen, whose family fled Communist China, went from pushing population control at Planned Parenthood to demanding control of the American population through pandemic policies.

Similarly ironic is the perilous progressivism (aka regressivism) of Mayor Bowser, a political leader who demands that our nation recognize Muriel Bowser stands with Planned Parenthood - the leading killer of black lives.DC’s “statehood” but refuses to recognize everyone’s personhood. Bowser doesn’t believe in equality, whether it’s Americans rightfully present in the nation’s capital or the unborn rightfully present in the womb. The radically pro-abortion mayor stands with the leading killer in the black community—Planned Parenthood. The same politician that had government employees paint “Black Lives Matter” on a public street in DC doesn’t actually believe that all black lives matter. If you partner with the organization that kills 360 black lives every single day, you’re part of the problem.

But liberalism has no use for facts. Or justice. Or freedom. It wants compliance.

Never mind that hospitalizations in DC have dropped significantly during December from 7.4% to the current 3.9% (as of January 10, 2022) without a forced vaccine mandate. If they want to attribute that drop to more people being “vaccinated”, shouldn’t they also attribute the massive spike in daily case rates—from 26 per 100,000 in the population to 179.9—to that same increase in the “fully vaccinated”? What the manipulated graph doesn’t tell you is that the daily case rate spiked to over 330 toward the end of December and was cut nearly in half by Jan 8th to the current 179.9 rate.

Science should demand that we know what’s actually going on in order to establish effective policies. Politics demands we stay in a perpetual state of fear in order to steal our liberties.

I refuse to carry any freedom papers.

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