The new children’s book that should be in every home, every library and every church

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November 14, 2019 (Ashburn, VA) – Bethany Bomberger is the co-founder of The Radiance Foundation and homeschooling adoptive mother of four children—both biological and adopted. She’s the author of a brand new adorably illustrated children’s book called “Pro-Life Kids!”. This book powerfully illuminates that every human life has purpose, exposes the lie of abortion, promotes “racial” equality and highlights the beauty of adoption. The hardcover 10”x10” book is available through the Radiance Foundation in the newly launched initiative.

Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr., enthusiastically endorses Pro-Life Kids!: “You’ll love this book; it’s creative, courageous and compassionate as it encourages young children to see the equal value of every human life, in and out of the womb.”

Abby Johnson, former director of Planned Parenthood and author of Unplanned says: “If we are serious about ending abortion and making it unthinkable, then we must start by educating our children about the sanctity of human life at an early age. As parents, we are our children’s first educators and Pro-Life Kids! will help you be the very best prolife educator for yours. Our kids need to know that life is beautiful, abortion is unacceptable, and that they have a powerful voice in our society. This book will help you and them find their voice.”

Jeanne Mancini, President of the March for Life Education and Defense, praises the book: “PRO-LIFE KIDS! shares the beautiful message about the inherent dignity of every human person in a way that children will easily understand! The illustrations are gorgeous and communicate such colorful diversity. This joyful, direct and engaging book can serve as an excellent tool for parents who want to teach their children these simple truths in a positive way.”

Bethany has been an educator for two decades. She has taught in both public and private schools—urban and suburban—working with thousands of children, youth and adults. With a bachelor’s degree in Education and Family Studies from Messiah College and a master’s degree in Education from Regent University, Bethany has spearheaded numerous innovative educational programs in her classrooms. As a public speaker, she addresses large and diverse audiences about her Christian faith and culture-shifting issues from an evidence-based perspective. “We need to teach our children before a broken world reaches them,” says the new children’s author. “Pro-Life Kids! is not just a book. It’s a movement.”


The Radiance Foundation is a life-affirming non-profit organization known for its original and creative campaigns, fearless journalism, powerful multi-media presentations and compassionate community outreaches.




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