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Brothers & Best Friends Through AdoptionJustice and Kai Bomberger (sons of Radiance founders Ryan and Bethany Bomberger) are brothers and best friends because of adoption.


Adoption is an act of love, hope, and justice. It helps restore what was broken. Radiance Foundation’s founders, Bethany and Ryan Bomberger, are adoptive parents who understand that biology isn’t the strongest bond — love is.  The Radiance Foundation was birthed out of stories of adoption, from Ryan’s own experience growing up in a family of 13 children (10 of whom were adopted) to becoming an adoptive father with four children (two of whom were adopted). In our nation, there is a myth that the abortion industry promotes to justify the slaughter of innocent human life — unplanned life equals unwanted equals unloved.

It’s a lie.

And that myth is shattered every day by millions of birthparents, adoptees and adoptive families who prove there is no such thing as unwanted.

Help us share the beauty of adoption through our graphics, articles, videos, our online store, our ground-breaking books (SHE IS SHE, PRO-LIFE KIDS!, and NOT EQUAL) and our new Henry & Andrea Bomberger Adopted and Loved Fund.


Adopted And Loved Fund

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"One in 7 Billion"


"Meet Jonny Moses"

"A Lott of Love"

"Ready to Adopt"

"We Are Loved"

"Watts Love Got To Do w/ It"

"Sally's Lambs"

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Adoption Resources

Christian Alliance For Orphans - Education, Training & Global Advocacy

CAFO - Christian Alliance For Orphans

Lifeline Children's Services - Adoption, Family Restoration, Birthmom support and more

Lifeline Children's Services

Talk About Adoption - Birthmom Support, Education

National Council for Adoption - research, education & training

Heart Gallery of America - finding forever families for children in foster care

Heart Gallery of America

Child Welfare Information Gateway - federal domestic & int'l adoption resource

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