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Adopted & Loved - a Radiance Foundation charity
Brothers & Best Friends Through AdoptionJustice and Kai Bomberger (sons of Radiance founders Ryan and Bethany Bomberger) are brothers and best friends because of adoption.


Adoption is an act of love, hope, and justice. It helps restore what was broken. Radiance Foundation’s founders, Bethany and Ryan Bomberger, are adoptive parents who understand that biology isn’t the strongest bond — love is.  The Radiance Foundation was birthed out of stories of adoption, from Ryan’s own experience growing up in a family of 13 children (10 of whom were adopted) to becoming an adoptive father with four children (two of whom were adopted). In our nation, there is a myth that the abortion industry promotes to justify the slaughter of innocent human life — unplanned life equals unwanted equals unloved.

It’s a lie.

And that myth is shattered every day by millions of birthparents, adoptees and adoptive families who prove there is no such thing as unwanted.

Help us share the beauty of adoption through our graphics, articles, videos, our online store, our ground-breaking books (SHE IS SHE, PRO-LIFE KIDS!, and NOT EQUAL) and our new Henry & Andrea Bomberger Adopted and Loved Fund.


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Adoption Resources

Please note: We DO NOT recommend Bethany Christian Services any longer. They have completely bought into Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory. (Learn more here.)


Lifeline Children's Services

Lifeline Children’s Services is an adoption agency that brings Gospel Hope focusing on James 1:27 clear call for the believer to care for orphans and vulnerable children.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions

Nightlight Christian Adoptions provides many paths to parenthood through their domestic, international & foster adoption programs. In 1997, NCA pioneered the world’s first embryo adoption program,

Nightlight Christian Adoptions

New Beginnings’ mission is “Promoting life and new beginnings for children, birth mothers and families through parenting education and adoption.”

Covenant Care Adoptions

Covenant Care Adoptions is a state-licensed, non-profit Christian adoption and counseling agency founded in 1989 to provide services to birthmothers, children, and families primarily in Georgia.

Lifetime Adoption

Lifetime Adoption provides compassionate adoption help reflecting Christian values, builds families through modern open adoption and supports women as they consider their pregnancy options, navigating their personal adoption choices.

Mercy Multiplied

Mercy Multiplied provides counseling services, housing, parenting classes, health & wellness, and adoption services. MM exists to provide opportunities for all to experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness, and life-transforming power.


National Christian Adoption Fellowship

The Mission of the National Christian Adoption Fellowship is to promote Christ centered adoption and child welfare services within the United States and abroad through a committed fellowship of Christian agencies.

Christian Alliance For Orphans

Lifetime Adoption provides compassionate adoption help reflecting Christian values, builds families through modern open adoption and supports women as they consider their pregnancy options, navigating their personal adoption choices.

Christian Adoptions Alliance

This is a collaborative ministry endeavor with Focus on the Family, which is mutually committed to helping children of unexpected pregnancies, those in foster care, or orphans from across the globe find permanent forever Christian families.


Focus on the Family

If the pro-life community is promoting adoption as a life-giving option, how do we help make it happen? We can’t simply encourage an expectant mother to “choose life” and then leave her alone to figure it out. We must follow up and follow through.

Christian Adoption Services

Christian Adoption Services (CAS) is a non-profit agency whose mission is to display God’s love to children, birth parents, and families by providing Christ-centered adoption services that have an eternal impact by growing forever families. They provide birthmom support to birth moms no matter which agency they’ve used.

Abiding Love Charities

Abiding Love Charities is an adoption movement dedicated to loving and supporting ALL members involved in the adoption journey. They offer support for birthparents, adoptees and adoptive families.


(We strongly disagree with some of their advocacy but think they offer some great research.)

Child Welfare Information Gateway

This federal agency provides resources on all aspects of domestic foster care and intercountry adoptions. This includes information for adoption professionals, adopted adults, expectant parents, birth parents, and prospective and adoptive parents.

National Council For Adoption

NCFA has become a top authority on adoption issues, including domestic infant adoption, international adoption, and adoption from foster care.

***The Radiance Foundation provides this resource primarily for key research. We do not support NCFA’s recent drift into pro-LGBT adoption/advocacy and discriminatory anti-racism rhetoric.

HHS Children's Bureau

AFCARS is the Department of Health and Human Services annual foster care report. Data includes how many children are in foster care, reasons why they enter, how they exit, and to develop strategies to prevent their entry into foster care.

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