You Can’t Make History Unless You’re Born

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“Seven million women died last year because they didn’t have access to abortion.” This was the absurd claim by a pro-abortion activist testifying in opposition to Nebraska’s Legislative Bill (LB) 933, the Human Life Protection Act. The claim made all of us watching those protesting the bill scratch our heads.

Did she really just say that?

Considering there were only 861 maternal deaths in 2020 according to the CDC, let’s chalk it up to another epic pro-abortion distortion. Abortion doesn’t reduce maternal mortality. No Maternal Mortality Review Committee even offers abortion as a solution to preventable maternal deaths. In actuality there is no state or federal data in America that document a single woman who died because an abortion was not committed upon her and her child. There are, however, hundreds of instances of women dying from so-called “safe and legal” abortions like Jamie Lee Morales, Tonya Reeves, Jennifer Morbelli, Cree Erwin Sheppard, Karnamaya Mongarand hundreds more since Roe.

LB 933 will outlaw abortion for any reason, except to save the physical life of the mother, if Roe is overturned or if a pro-life amendment is added to the Constitution. I was invited by the Nebraska Family Alliance to share my rather unique perspective. I led a press conference and testified before the judiciary committee in support of the bill. I’ve combined the messages I delivered at both events here to share my passion to end the social injustice of abortion.

Good afternoon, Chairperson Lathrop and members of the Judiciary Committee. My name is Ryan Bomberger. I’m the cofounder and Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation. Or, rather, the Chief Creative Agitator. Frederick Douglass encouraged society to address injustice this way: agitate, agitate, agitate. So, I’m the Chief Creative Agitator. And the violence of abortion is the violent injustice I’m fighting to abolish. I’m here to fully support LB 993, the Human Life Protection Act.

Many say that I should have been aborted.

I was conceived in rape but adopted in love. I grew up in a diverse family of fifteen, where ten of us were adopted. Many of us were rescued from the violence of abortion. We’re white, black, mixed, Native American, Vietnamese, abled and disabled. Despite the horrific circumstances most of us came from, none of us would’ve been better off dead. We were all better off loved.

I’m the one percent used to justify 100% of abortions. But the circumstances of our conception don’t change the condition of our worth. No one controls the circumstances of his or her conception. No one, for that reason, should pretend to be the arbiter of human value.

My birthmom’s courageous decision will continue to unleash beautiful reverberations for generations. Today, I’m married to my best friend, Bethany Bomberger. She was a single mom who found herself in an “unplanned pregnancy.” Despite enormous pressure from fellow teachers and the biological father (who wanted the child aborted to rid himself of any responsibility), she rejected the violence of abortion. I adopted that precious baby girl. Her name is Radiance, the reason for the name of our organization. Our youngest son, Justice, was also adopted. I’m the father of four awesome kiddos, and they’re all loved like crazy. Our family wouldn’t exist if I had been aborted.

Abortion brings countless casualties. Life brings powerful possibilities.

It’s why I fight for the most marginalized, the most vulnerable and the most discarded. Of course, the injustice of abortion is equally tragic no matter the hue of skin, but no group of humans is harder hit, statistically, by the violent social injustice of abortion than the black community. According to the CDC, abortion rates among black women is 3.6x higher than white women and twice as high as Hispanic women.

In fact, in Manhattan (where Planned Parenthood is based) – there were more black babies aborted than born alive in 2018. For every 1,000 born alive, there were 1,226 aborted. This is a ratio 3.5 times higher than whites and over two times higher than Hispanics. Yet pro-abortion activist groups, like NYC-based Guttmacher Institute, absurdly argue there is a “lack of access.” 

How many more black lives should be taken by abortion?

There is no lack of access. And that’s been by eugenic design. Planned Parenthood is the leading killerof black lives, taking an estimated 360 innocent lives every single day. Yet they now claim to be an “anti-racist” organization (here, here and here), which shows you what a fraud the “anti-racist” movement is. Abortion is systemic racism. It’s the leading killer of black lives outnumbering the top 20 causes of death combined.

Black History Month teaches us this truth: anytime anyone denies the humanity of another human being, discrimination and death always follow.

Women’s History Month should teach us this: You can’t make history unless you’re born.

Roe has killed 64 million under the guise of fake feminism. This is the tragic but deliberate result of a multi-billion-dollar abortion industry – led by Planned Parenthood – that profits from fear, solves no social issue, gives no one equality, and ushers more deaths into communities already ravaged by violence.

And we need to act with the fierce urgency of now to end this violence against women and children.

There will be those who will testify and oppose this bill today and speak of the alleged empowerment of abortion. Of course, each of those individuals are only able to be here today because their mothers, thankfully, did not abort them.

Thank you, members of the Judiciary Committee, for your time and efforts to ensure Equality before the law. I urge you to vote LB 933 – The Human Life Protection Act—to the floor of the Legislature. Your vote could help make lives like mine and my children possible.

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